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A Different Viewpoint – Women in the Haredi community


The Haredi community, a minority in Israel, suffers many prejudices. Photographic images often create feelings of fear, alienation and estrangement, which stem from the public's non-acceptance of others. In the media you often see Haredi men in demonstrations, or photographs showing Haredi life as seen from a secular viewpoint, which sometimes regards religious ceremonies as quasi-pagan.
The Haredis are a closed community which sets great store on individual privacy and tries to avoid publicity. The camera is regarded as an instrument of the secular public's desire to invade their space and is usually most unwelcome.
I set out to show the Haredi women's world. Three of them invited me into their homes. The photographs are accompanied by recordings of talks we had during the sessions. I hope the viewers will face up to their own prejudices and realize Haredi society is made up of humans.

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